Akash Srivastava December 10, 2017
Virat and anushka's marriage


Virat & Anushka’s Very Private Wedding In Italy:


The biggest wedding of the year is finally revealed. Yes, guys, Virat and Anushka Sharma are tying the knot on 12th of December in Milan (Italy).


Well, who all are invited? Obviously not us :))


Actually, the planning of this marriage started three months back in a family gathering.

The wedding is all set to close people, and only a few are invited to this marriage. If we talk about cricketers, only Sachin and Yuvraj will be seen. That too if they can make up.


This will be one of the best year-end weddings, and cricketer fans and Anushka lovers are eagerly waiting to watch them getting closer together.

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