Insurance News

Akash Srivastava December 16, 2017

Difference between Insurance Agent and Insurance Broker   Insurance Agent and Insurance Broker often look the same, but there is a difference between the two that one needs to understand and know. As an Insurance Policyholder, this little knowledge will help you make the best use of insurance service and get the most profit out […]

Akash Srivastava December 15, 2017

Comprehensive Insurance: All you need to know about   This insurance coverage is associated with car insurance policy. It covers a vast range of damages done to a car excluding the result of a car collision.   Comprehensive Insurance covers damages to cars like fire, explosion, theft damage. It also includes glass and windshield damages […]

Akash Srivastava December 14, 2017

What is Insurance? Definition and Meaning of Insurance Insurance is a type of contract that is being done between a policyholder and the policy company or say insurance company. Under this contract, the insurance company holds some percent of policyholders loss, if it meets the terms and conditions that was signed at the time of […]