Akash Srivastava December 5, 2017
LiAngelo Ball


LaVar Ball pulls son LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA

The ball family is back in the news today. We just found out via TMZ that Lavar ball has pulled the Angelo from UCLA or Li Angela Paul has pulled himself per request of his father. We don’t know what the deal is but the Angelo ball is leaving UCLA according to an article from TMZ, and he’s not just leaving the basketball team he’s leaving the entire school altogether. So he’s not gonna be taking classes or attending the school at all. Obviously, we know what happened in China, so I don’t even need to speak about that. Lavar feels like this is unfair for one mistake that he’s made. The Angelo has not officially withdrawn from UCLA yet but he says he’s at home and he’s not returning to UCLA.

Finally, the ball family says that you know they appreciate you say for everything they’ve done. You know even though all the bad stuff has happened with what happened in China. Angelo only played one game, and it was the first exhibition game and that game he went to for six from three hit.

He had a couple of free throws, or he had a layup or something. He had 11 points, and I think like Tanner he might have like 15 minutes. He looked like he would have caught a flow eventually. He would have shown a lot of people that he can be a legit shooter. He can be a spot-up shooter at the college level, but now we’re never going to find out all because this one little incident that happened in China. This one decision changed his entire life plan although you know he’s probably still set with the ball family but he’s not gonna spend any years at UCLA now. He’s not gonna be a four-year player or anything like that.

We’re going to see what happens with this. We’re going to see what happens with UCLA this year. If Jamie and Cody are gonna stay or what’s gonna happen with them. But let me
know what you all think in the comments.

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