Akash Srivastava December 15, 2017
comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive Insurance: All you need to know about


This insurance coverage is associated with car insurance policy. It covers a vast range of damages done to a car excluding the result of a car collision.


Comprehensive Insurance covers damages to cars like fire, explosion, theft damage. It also includes glass and windshield damages from natural calamities like hurricanes, windstorms, earthquakes and any such disasters.


Civil unrest or riot are also considered and comes under Comprehensive coverage.


Even damages did from animals or birds collision is also included in Comprehensive coverage.


Is Comprehensive Coverage Mandatory or Required?


Well, there is no such rules or prescription that you have to take Comprehensive Insurance. It has its own advantage and if you find it suitable as per your needs and if it meets your requirements, you must then go for Comprehensive Coverage.


Also, if you have taken a loan on your vehicle, then the insurance company may recommend or provide you with Comprehensive insurance coverage, that you have to take while getting your car insured.

What comes under Comprehensive Insurance?

Here is a brief list as to what all things are included in Comprehensive Insurance.


  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Explosion
  • Damages did by Birds and Animals
  • Riots
  • Damages from natural calamities

What doesn’t comes under Comprehensive Insurance?


  • Damage to your own vehicle in Collision
  • Damage to another vehicle by Collision
  • Your medical expenses after an accident

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